A document to help students get organized and get started with their research.

rubistar.png (PDF) for group member organization during a PBL.

TrackStar Track This is a track that you can use to give students natural disaster resources.

WebPosterWizard Sample Products: By filling in 6-8 blanks students can easily create an interactive website that is managed by their teacher. Sammy and Jessen thought it was important to provide their audience with their version of the story and links to area experts.

Teacher Feature Page of WebPosterWizard that links to two student samples.
  • People Came to Help by Sammy
  • Don't Be Scared! Be Safe! by Jessen

KidsVid Storyboard Sample Product

Wikispaces Tutorial If you are interested in creating your own wiki at Wikispaces, these video tutorials are very helpful!

ePals Screen Shots Click here to see screen shots of ePal email correspondence.